The Researchers

Chris Dede
Timothy E. Wirth Professor in Learning Technologies

Professor Dede’s current research focuses on three areas: emerging technologies for learning and assessment, leadership in educational technology implementation, and effective policy for educational technology utilization. His research in emerging technologies includes funded projects on multi-user virtual environments, augmented realities, sociosemantic networking, distance education, and Web 2.0 tools. His research on leadership focuses on issues of scaling up innovations from local to widespread use, and his work in policy centers on state and national level educational improvement strategies.

Jon Star
Nancy Pforzheimer Aronson Assistant Professor in Human Development & Education

Professor Star is an educational psychologist who studies children’s learning of mathematics in middle and high school, particularly algebra. Star’s most recent work is supported by grants from the Institute for Education Sciences at the US Department of Education. In addition, Star is interested in the preservice preparation of middle and secondary mathematics teachers. Prior to his graduate studies, Star spent six years teaching middle and high school mathematics.

Jason Chen
Postdoctoral Research Fellow: Motivation and Technology

Jason Chen is an educational psychologist whose interests focus on students’ motivation in math and science. Prior to joining the TESLA team, Jason taught high school chemistry and physics for 5 years before earning his Ph.D. in Educational Psychology from Emory University. Jason’s research interests center around students’ self-efficacy beliefs and their beliefs about the malleability of their intellectual capacities, specifically within science and mathematics classrooms.

Megan Taylor
Postdoctoral Research Fellow: Mathematics Education

Megan received her Master’s teaching credential (2002) and doctorate (2010) from Stanford University in mathematics curriculum and teacher education, and is a nationally board certified mathematics teacher. Taylor’s research program focuses on how secondary mathematics teachers interact with their curricula, specifically when, why and how they adapt textbook materials. She believes improving public mathematics education in the U.S. hinges on improving teacher education, and she works in academic and professional development settings to this end.